• Puyang Donghao Company attended the first oil equipment exhibitio  14-12-06
  • Puyang Donghao Mechanical & Electronic Co., ltd have a complete s  14-10-13
  • October 11th, 2014 Puyang Donghao Mechanical & Electronic Co., Lt  14-10-13
  • Our company has been selected as outstanding private enterprise  13-06-14
  • Warmly celebrating that we have gotten API certification  13-01-06
  • Karamay International Petroleum &Petrochemical Technology and Equ  12-09-21

    Our company , Puyang Donghao Mechanical&Electronic Co.,Ltd, lies in the Industry Cluster District in the beautiful hometown of dragon,Puyang in China, was established in 2005.It is a network member unit of the Materials and Equipment Corporation in theSinopec Group, Weare technology-based manufacturing enterprise,The registered capital is 21 million RMB.


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    Add:East Side, Middle Section of Donghuan Road, Puyang City, Henan Province. P.R China Tel:86-393-8915988 Fax:86-393-8915966 E-mail:[email protected]  
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